Metro Atlanta

Democratic Socialists of America

We envision a society and a world where resources are democratically controlled to benefit everyone, not just a billionaire elite. We campaign for democratic socialist policies and candidates, educate the public and build fighting progressive coalitions.

MADSA for Bernie

Bernie Sanders’ campaign is a historic opportunity to bring democratic socialist politics to millions of people. When Bernie says “not me, us,” he’s talking about an urgent political project: building a mass movement of working people that can change society. We’ll start with Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, powerful trade unions, tuition-free college, and an end to mass incarceration – but we won’t stop there.

Metro Atlanta DSA
Endorses Nabilah Islam

Progressive firebrand and ATL DSA member Nabilah Islam is challenging the establishment in Georgia’s 7th Congressional District — the closest congressional race in the country. Republicans held this seat by only 433 votes in 2018. Known by many as the “AOC of Atlanta,” Nabilah’s platform includes Medicare For All and the Green New Deal.