Moral Monday Georgia Fights for $15

Members of Georgia Raise Up, Moral Monday Georgia, MADSA, the NAACP and other organizations demonstrated at our State Capitol during a National Day of Action on Monday, Sept. 12, called by Rev. William Barber’s Moral Monday movement.

People of faith, workers and community activists gathered at state capitols in 25 states to deliver the “Higher Ground Moral Declaration,” which calls on governors, senators, state legislators, and candidates for office to move away from extremist politics and policies that benefit the few and move toward policies and laws that are just and fair and guarantee a better life for the majority of the people.

Lorraine Fontana (holding sign) and Ann Mauney (arm raised) were among the MADSA members who marched from Trinity Methodist Church to Liberty Plaza for a rally before a delegation delivered the Declaration to Governor Deal’s office. (Photo: Reid Freeman Jenkins)

The Higher Ground Moral Declaration demands that elected officials champion policies like living wages, stronger voting rights, and healthcare and education for all. A statement distributed by Georgia Raise Up explained: “We’re sending a message to politicians of all parties that paying a living wage and protecting the right to vote are moral issues, and that they will be judged by their efforts to improve the lives of people on the margins, including women, children, workers, immigrants and the most vulnerable.

“The declaration calls for the economic liberation of all people by ensuring every worker receives a living wage; every child receives access to quality education; every person receives quality healthcare; and ensuring historically marginalized communities have equal protection under the law. [It] explicitly rejects the divide-and-conquer strategies of extremists and stands against racism, classism, poverty, xenophobia, and any attempt to promote hate.”

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