Socialist Dialogue Explores “An Age of Unrest,” Past and Present

Our new format for the July 16 Socialist Dialogue, “An Age of Unrest,” was a big hit. Participants said they enjoyed meeting in small groups where they took turns reading from short stories about world and U.S. events of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, then reflecting on what they heard in light of our current concerns.

The events highlighted ranged from movements in the U.S. for women’s suffrage, labor unions and racial justice to the global fight against colonialism and imperialism. We shared insights and additional information from our various perspectives, enriching everyone’s understanding. The handouts were provided by Dialogue coordinator and people’s historian Ian Fletcher (see photo below).

After the discussion, Cecily McMillan encouraged everyone to go to a row of tables where they could connect with activists from a variety of local groups –such as the Housing Justice League, Women’s Action for New Directions, Our Revolution Georgia, Atlanta Jobs With Justice, A World Without Police, and our own education, electoral and social media working groups. Finally, we were invited to gather over drinks and food at the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club a few blocks away, “putting the social in socialist.” Many thanks to Ian, Cecily, Education Working Group Chair Ray Miklethun and the other working group members for organizing this inspiring event. Photos: Reid Freeman Jenkins