Peaceful Demo at Gainesville Confed Memorial But Heavy Police Presence

Intense white supremacist beliefs and fragile white backlash on display today in response to the protest to tear down a racist Confederate statue in Gainesville. The cops spontaneously rolled in to intimidate and greatly escalated the tone of the event.

Great job to all the organizers and activists involved, holding their ground against an angry white crowd. Erin Parks was extremely courageous and chill as she confronted dozens of them. Thanks to Brad Lathem from NorthEast GA DSA as well for taking initiative on this.

“Cops and the Klan, hand in hand,” I remarked. One old white guy was eager to get my attention to respond: “no, that’s not true! They pushed me first.”

— Daniel Hanley, photos by Reid Freeman Jenkins

Editor’s note: As Brad points out in the Gainesville Times article linked below, no violence took place; about 150-200 folks of all persuasions attended, and DSA members from Atlanta and Athens joined our Gainesville comrades.

See also this report in the Gainesville Times.