MADSA Podcast – Episode 1 – Kamau Franklin Speaks

Metro Atlanta DSA Speaks with Veteran Community Activist Kamau Franklin on Black Liberation, Sustainable (socialist) Communities and the role of Elections in freedom struggles

Kamau’s presentation will be followed up with a Q&A session.

Kamau Franklin is the founder and Board President of Community Movement Builders, Inc. Kamau has been a dedicated community organizer for over twenty years, first in New York City and now based in the south. For 18 years he was a leading member of a national grassroots organization dedicated to the ideas of self-determination and the teachings of Malcolm X. He has worked on various issues including youth organizing and development, police misconduct, and creating sustainable urban communities. Kamau has led and developed community cop-watch programs, freedom school programs for youth, electoral and policy campaigns, large-scale community gardens, organizing collectives and alternatives to incarceration programs.

He can be followed on twitter @kamaufranklin and emailed at

MADSA Podcast – Episode 1 – Kamau Franklin Speaks

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