Joining Metro Atlanta DSA

Democratic socialists have an historic opportunity and responsibility to play a central role in building a strong U.S. left, and Democratic Socialists of America is prepared to meet this challenge. We invite you to join us today!

Step 1) Pay National Dues

Metro Atlanta DSA does not require local dues. However, to join a local DSA chapter, you must first pay dues to the national DSA organization.
Sign up for monthly dues instead of a one-time donation so you don’t have to keep track of renewal dates!

Join DSA via the National Website

Step 2) Forward Your Membership Email

For immediate access to our communications platforms, forward your membership receipt email to We’ll eventually get your information from National, but this takes time.

Step 3) Sign Up for Metro Atlanta DSA’s Newsletter

You’ll receive a one-time welcome email and then regular emails with updates about our actions and upcoming events.
Non-members are welcome to sign up for the newsletter.


Step 4) Swing by our next meeting

Meet your comrades and get plugged into our work!

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Step 5) Sign up for (optional) local dues

There’s no requirement to pay local dues and there’s certainly no tiers of membership or donation privileges. But we appreciate anything you can donate to help cover our costs! We’re an entirely member-funded organization. Click the button and choose the recurring donation you’d like to contribute.

Local Dues