MADSA Statement on U.S. Interference in Venezuela

Regardless of what one thinks about Maduro or the opposition, the Trump administration, in alliance with the fascist Bolsonaro administration, and others, is not acting out of concern for the Venezuelan people. U.S. Imperialism has a terrible track record of making situations much worse globally, but particularly in Latin America. With our house not in… Read more »

Marching for Justice on MLK Day

About 30 DSA and YDSA comrades marched alongside the labor contingent in the annual King Day parade, along with many other social justice organizations, community groups, school and church groups and individuals. We march each year to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy and show solidarity with all who fight against racism and for… Read more »

People’s Inauguration: Just the Beginning

A diverse crowd of about 100 people rallied in cold, damp weather at Hurt Park on the day before Brian Kemp’s inauguration, to declare “Not our governor!”; denounce the stolen election; and pledge to work together for policies and candidates that will help, not harm, the people of Georgia. MADSA Chair and rally emcee Erin… Read more »

Action to Protect Homeless Brothers and Sisters

From a report by MADSA member Lorraine Fontana: The Direct Action Hunger Alliance, ATL Homeless Relief, and the Housing Justice League responded on Monday, Jan. 7 to the several deaths of people without shelter who have been dying of exposure on the street in the colder weather. First a march from the Coroner’s Office to… Read more »