From Atlanta to the DNC With the People’s Revolution

At a July 16 gathering at the Mammal Gallery in downtown Atlanta, roughly 50 Bernie delegates, alternates, and supporters discussed plans to assert Bernie’s platform at the convention, protest a rigged primary process, and bring the momentum of Bernie’s political revolution home to local and state campaigns, both electoral and issue-oriented. Bernie alternate Khalid Kamau… Read more »

In the Streets Vs. Police Violence

July has brought a wave of outrage and mourning over the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling at the hands of police, following many others local and national¬† Anthony Hill, Kevin Davis, Nick Thomas, Alexia Christian, to name a few, and many who remain unknown to the public as well as sorrow for the… Read more »

At the People’s Summit

Five MADSA members were among some 3,000 activists from more than 40 organizations that support Bernie Sanders’ campaign who came together in Chicago June 17-19 for the People’s Summit – a weekend of networking, workshops and inspiring speakers, with a view to taking the “people’s revolution” to the next level. One hundred DSA members attended,… Read more »

Info-packed Membership Meeting June 11

(By Barbara Joye and Lorraine Fontana) MADSA’s latest membership meeting at the Open Door Community (ODC) featured several reports from our members and friends on some of the current activism that we support. Ed Loring, ODC founder, opened by reading a letter announcing that the ODC will be selling its building by the end of… Read more »