Info-packed Membership Meeting June 11

(By Barbara Joye and Lorraine Fontana) MADSA’s latest membership meeting at the Open Door Community (ODC) featured several reports from our members and friends on some of the current activism that we support. Ed Loring, ODC founder, opened by reading a letter announcing that the ODC will be selling its building by the end of… Read more »

MADSA Members Attend Moral Monday “Revival”

(Editor’s note: MADSA was an active member of Moral Monday GA in 2014-15, as we staged weekly rallies and civil disobedience to pressure the Georgia legislature on several key issues, including the necessity to expand Medicaid. Lorraine Fontana, author of this post excerpted from a longer report on her Facebook page, was among our members… Read more »

Recent events

MADSA members have been busy, busy, busy for the past couple of weeks, so I’m posting a few photos to let you know what’s been happening. First, we enjoyed a very interesting Socialist Dialogue on April 24 on the topic of “The Precariat: Work Without Predictability or Security,” a problem many in the audience recognized… Read more »

Confronting White Supremacists on Stone Mt. Apr. 23

Some MADSA members joined Rise Up, Black Lives Matter and other groups in a counter-demonstration protesting the rally called by the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacists on Stone Mountain April 23. Only a few dozen white supremacists showed up; the anti-racist side numbered at least 100, some say 400 (there was more than… Read more »

Fighting for $15 and a Union

Several MADSA members made it downtown on April 14 for the “Fight for $15 and a Union” flashmob with spirited song, dance and chants at Ga. State U’s Library Plaza, followed by a rally at the nearby Grady Hospital McDonalds. (L to R: Greg Ames, Barbara Joye, Steve Gill, Daniel Hanley. Photo by Reid Freeman… Read more »