Feb. Membership Meeting: Lots to Talk About

On Feb. 20 over 40 people crowded into the meeting space at the Open Door Community to exchange information about a wide range of current issues and struggles. To name a few: attorney Chaka Washington’s fight against the death penalty for Kenny Fults; Adam Cardo on the Young Democratic Socialists’ winter conference; Becky Rafter’s report… Read more »

Bernie, Killer Mike and Me at Morehouse

I had heard that Killer Mike was going to meet with Bernie Sander supporters at the Atlanta campaign office on the morning of the rally at Morehouse College. Killer Mike had electrified the crowd at the Fox Theater the last time Bernie was in town. So, I was looking forward to seeing him up close… Read more »

Bernstorming and Beyond: What’s Different About Bernie’s Campaign?

Metro Atlanta DSA�s Daniel Hanley has helped coordinate MADSA�s efforts to support Bernie Sanders� candidacy through the independent group Georgia for Bernie, and national DSA supports the related People for Bernie movement (see dsausa.org). As individuals, Daniel and other members also volunteer for the Bernie campaign. � Editor As field offices open throughout the state,… Read more »

Anthony Hill, Black Lives Matter, and DSA

Anthony Hill was a 27-year-old African-American Air Force veteran whose bipolar disorder was exasperated by his deployment overseas. During a psychotic episode, a naked Hill was shot and killed outside his apartment by DeKalb County Police officer Robert Olson in March of 2015. Local activist groups who led marches and rallies demanding an indictment of… Read more »

King Day March

We anticipated a large, energetic group in the democratic socialist contingent in this year’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day March, but the crowd we saw blew us away! Despite the cold weather, 50-100 people felt the Bern and participated regardless. Multiple local DSA members active in the Bernie campaign helped to build this contingent,… Read more »