Our Work

Metro Atlanta DSA is a volunteer member-driven organization. Our member-run committees and working groups are core to the work we do!

Metro Atlanta DSA has the following sub-groups:

Executive Committee: executive (at) madsa.ga

Mutual Aid Working Group: mutual.aid (at) madsa.ga
Ecosocialism Working Group: ecosocialism (at) madsa.ga
Local Electoral Working Group: electoral (at) madsa.ga
Cooperative Working Group: coop (at) madsa.ga

Socialist Feminist Caucus: feminist (at) madsa.ga
Afrosocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus

MADSA For Bernie Committee: bernie (at) madsa.ga
Voting & Resolutions Committee: vote.res (at) madsa.ga
Harrassment Grievance Committee: grievance (at) madsa.ga
Digital & Communications Committee: comms (at) madsa.ga
Membership Committee: membership (at) madsa.ga
Financial Committee: treasurer (at) madsa.ga
Fundraising Committee

Young DSA at Georgia Tech: YDSA.GT (at) gmail.com
Athens Young DSA: athensydsa (at) gmail.com

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