MADSA Committees

MADSA Committees

Committees are administrative structures created by the Executive Committee or by a vote at the general meetings. They have a set structure, mandate and co-chairs.

Co-chairs are selected by the Executive Committee and membership on the committee is determined by a vote of the committee and may be subject to participation requirements.


An elected committee that keeps the everyday operations of the organization going. They also set the agenda for general meetings and represent the chapter to the public.

Chair(s): Gregory McKelvey



Managing our IT and Digital Assets to develop tools that make us more productive in our fight against capitalism.

Chair(s): Evan Seeds



Working on building direct political power. They develop endorsement processes, guide the endorsement process, and seek out members willing to run for office.

Chair(s): Jose Perez & Jeff Corkill



Elected officers that govern our interactions.

Chair(s): Anaia J & Rachel K



Engaging with new members and helping develop stronger relationships between members. They do things like new member orientations, mobilizer programs and getting feedback from our members on what we should be working on.

Chair(s): Jen Garcia & Lisa Ashway



Managing our internal and external communications. They manage our social media, email bulletins, press releases and coverage and monitor our internal communications channels.

Chair(s): Q Benford



This committee helps raise funds and other resources to give the working groups and campaigns what they need to do the work.

Chair(s): Jose Perez


Resolutions and Voting

Create, maintain and implement a system of voting in MADSA for proposals & resolutions that is fair and democratic. They also facilitate elections and bringing resolutions to the floor.

Chair(s): Jen Garcia & Q Benford


Outreach and Coalitions

Ensure that our relationships with external organizations are initiated, maintained and improved. They also do outreach to the general public to talk about MADSA and encourage people to become members.

Chair(s): Milt Tambor


Convention (Ad-Hoc)

The 2019 National DSA Convention is being held in Atlanta. This committee will focus on making our role in that a success.

Chair(s): Barbara Joye


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